We have been overwhelmed by the good wishes and wonderful stories so many of you have shared with us. For us, Doug was a great brother and son, along with being a meticulous pilot, a pioneering engineer, and a giver of time and talent.

Most importantly, thank you for your friendship and generosity at this difficult time. Doug would have wanted all of us to celebrate and embrace the life he lived – he lived it well.

The Bourn Family

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We will all miss this kind soul.

posted on behalf of James Yurchenco

Doug was an extremely generous person with his time. On several occasions, he flew Amy and me to remote airports near the Sierra Nevada so we could do long through-hikes in the mountains. We always loved flying with Doug. He was a meticulous pilot who took his responsibilities with a seriousness that inspired immense confidence in the people in his care. And while he never messed around in the air, he always managed to convey his joy in the process of taking flight.

He loved sharing and teaching people about flying. On a number of flights, he let me take the yoke so I could get a sense about what it means to fly an aircraft. I always felt privileged that a man of his skills could share them in a way that was positive and inspiring while reminding you of the obligations you had when controlling an aircraft. Watching Doug, as he juggled the many things you must do to fly safely and share airspace with other pilots, was inspiring. He never slacked off. If Doug were back with us today, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to go flying with him again.

We will all miss this kind soul: a dedicated and much missed former co-worker, a lover of flight and all its grace, and an understated and wonderfully kind man.

—James Yurchenco

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