We have been overwhelmed by the good wishes and wonderful stories so many of you have shared with us. For us, Doug was a great brother and son, along with being a meticulous pilot, a pioneering engineer, and a giver of time and talent.

Most importantly, thank you for your friendship and generosity at this difficult time. Doug would have wanted all of us to celebrate and embrace the life he lived – he lived it well.

The Bourn Family

Monday, March 1, 2010

Incredibly adventurous.

posted on behalf of Sandra Giha
Doug was incredibly adventurous. This is from our road trip to Burning Man last Sept. - we camped out for 8 days in the desert and had a meaningful and amazing time together. He is in a sand storm standing next to a mobile party house.

Doug and I flew out to Reno last year and headed to the famous Reno BBQ fair. We ate, gambled, ate, shopped, ate and ate... so fun!

Doug really enjoyed BBQ ribs but what really completed the experience was his love for Corn on the Cob. This was his 3rd one! So so good.

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